Evoking the scent of Veneto: The Parco Palladiano Collection


Italian fashion label Bottega Veneta bottles the breath-taking landscape of Italy in a striking new line of fragrances called Parco Palladiano

The collection tells a magical tale capturing the timeless beauty and legacy of the Palladian villa in the fashion house’s native Veneto region. Numbered in Roman numerals, the six fragrances are developed by Tomas Maier in collaboration with Michel Almairac, Daniela Andrier and Alexis Dadier. Each scent is an ‘olfactory trompe l’oeil’, arresting varied experiences in the Palladian garden. With the launch of this collection, Bottega Veneta has commenced a new chapter in the history of Haute Parfumerie.




The opulent worlds of tech and fashion are colliding like never before. Wearable technology has become the next big thing, and the rage surpasses prototypical gadgets like connected eyewear such as Google Glass and smart timepieces such as Apple’s iWatch and pay by tweet features for runway shows. The next generation of technologically advanced gadgets with a strong fashion aesthetic to appeal to both the multibillion dollar industries are already emerging. A genius amalgamation, the innovations taking place are profoundly amazing and transformative. Here’s a look at some of the haute tech trends in fashion.


Audio Mini Clutch

Stellé Audio clutches snap open to expose a built-in Bluetooth sound system that packs a solid punch in terms of volume and style. The clutch also charges your phone when you’re on the go and makes for a chic and stylish accessory with luminous embellishments. Stelle has been known to deliver ground breaking wireless audio products with a much sought after predecessor – a clutch speaker which was used as the official accessory at Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring 2013 collection showcase.

Lightning Cable Bracelet

Another stellar innovation is Rebecca Minkoff’s cable bracelet.  A fabulous bracelet that just so happens to charge your phone. Hidden inside the gold metal clasp is a USB connector with a lightning cable so you can charge and sync your iPhone whenever needed. rebecca-minkoff-lightning-bracelet2

Knomo Dering

Made from soft luxurious fabric, the Knomo Dering Power Purse comes with an integrated battery charger that charges your smartphone and stores other essentials. Place your phone in the dedicated padded section and connect it with the integrated 3000mah battery via the included cable to charge.

Powerlace Auto-Lacing Sneakers

This infinitely practical and super-stylish innovations is the latest sensation in the industry. As soon as you put your feet into the Powerlace, the system will slowly tighten the laces all on its own accord. It uses a robust, waterproof upper, with a full-length soft midsole and an abrasion-resistant non-marking sole. Thanks to the addition of a small lever on the back end of the shoe, you can adjust the tension of the laces to find the sweet spot of foot snugness, as well as to loosen the laces in order to take off the shoe.



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Power Collaboration: Bibhu Mohapatra X Forevermark

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New York based designer, Bibhu Mohapatra, collaborates with Forevermark India to design an exclusive jewelry line, the Artemis Collection, which is supremely luxe and as exquisitely unique as they come


Bibhu Mohapatra X Forevermark Artemis jewelry collectionHow do you say diamonds in haute couture? Bibhu Mohapatra’s collaboration with Forevermark India, to launch the exquisite Artemis Collection is the answer to that.

The designer, who hails from Odisha, has always cited his Indian roots as an inspiration for his work. At the same time, his designs are edgy, quirky and bold, representing a woman who is not afraid to show another, unknown dimension of her personality. This new collection with Forevermark follows a similar philosophy. Stimulated by the surreal forms of the sun, moon and stars, replete with modern shapes, structured geometry and subversive placements, the jewelry collection has three key motifs seen in an array of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and brooches.

Mr Mohapatra does real and accessible clothes, often quite imaginatively. This celestial collection romanticizes jewelry and will have you seeing the stars. Red carpets to sit down events, the line offer pieces that are ideal for the most extravagant events. Talking about the collaboration Mr Mohapatra says, “I always wanted to work on a jewelry line and was on the lookout for a brand whose core ethos blends with mine, who could give me the support system to create a truly unique collection. The conversation started about 2 years ago over coffee with Mr Sachin Jain and now that the collection is out, I do feel that we have created something that will add meaning to many lives”

Bibhu Mohapatra X Forevermark Artemis jewelry collection

The collection is made up of delicate pieces with an ethereal quality, and a dominant diamond emerges as the focal element in each design. These transitional pieces surpass traditional Indian jewelry and yet retain its primal heritage value.

The extra-wide bracelets and luminous stud earrings are a particularly versatile styling trick—either as a simple foil to an OTT evening look or as a touch of sparkle for day—and you have already been lured into the world of the master couturier. Citing his inspiration behind the line, Mr Mohapatra said, “The central thought behind the collection was inner balance and outer strength, making it a very special collaboration for me. I wanted to do something that was deeply rooted in our culture, so I looked into some of the ideologies that come from Vedic scriptures. One of them was the idea of cosmic alignment. Since centuries, the skies have been looked upon for guidance and harmony in our lives.” 

Bibhu Mohapatra X Forevermark Artemis jewelry collection

The designer follows a business model that integrates celebrity endorsements to boost brand image and credibility. With Michelle Obama sashaying in a customized Bibhu Mohapatra dress during her India visit, along with Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez following suit, the brand has become synonymous to haute fashion.“It becomes important to have a celebrity endorser who has an incredible number of followers as they give instant visibility to your brand. But you have to have a strategy for it, who is wearing it and for what occasion, all of it is taken into consideration to give out a focused voice that truly matches the vision of your brand,” Mr Mohapatra explained.

Commenting at the event, Mr Jain, President, Forevermark India said, “Forevermark diamonds are amongst the rarest and have been formed over millions of years. These diamonds are said to be as old as the sun, moon and stars, so this collection has a powerful story to tell.”

Bibhu Mohapatra X Forevermark Artemis jewelry collection

From New York to New Delhi, this collection will certainly appeal to women who know the art of standing out. This 22-piece collection is available exclusively with C Krishniah Chetty, Abaran, Mahesh Notandas, Om Jewellers, Hazoorilal Legacy, NTS Navrattan Jewellers, Sawansukha Jewellers, Narayan Jewellers, and VBJ in India.

– See more at: http://www.luxuryfacts.com/index.php/sections/article/4822#sthash.xjg5lrii.dpuf