Verve Rally 2017: Where luxury meets adventure

C7WXYzgXUAAbDH0.jpgThe globally acclaimed Verve Rally is a luxurious, female friendly, carbon neutral adventure, worthy of any discerning bucket list. And it is attracting a broader clientele this year with not just petrol heads but purveyors of phlegmatic luxury.

Picture a Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini H

uracán meandering the Mediterranean coastline, a Maserati GT Sport navigating the Gotthard Pass, or an Aston Martin Vanquish gracefully approaching a medieval city, preceded by spectacular evenings filled with decadent dinners and exuberant parties. The Verve Rally offers this and much more. Founded on the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind luxury road trip that celebrates driving while enjoying some of Europe’s most remarkable destinations, Verve Rally truly blends luxury travel with unmatched lifestyle experiences that includes driving supercars across Europe.

Offering two spectacular itineraries, the 5 Day route of the rally sweeps through charming French countryside, staying in Palaces and Chateaux, with private tours, hot air balloon ride, visiting the Versailles gardens and other surprises. The 9 Day route goes through some of the best driving roads coupled with panoramic views. Exquisite forests, placid vineyards, Italian lakes, and the French Riviera highlighted by the drama of the picturesque Alps. With summer days and sultry evenings, both the routes provide an expansive space for the luxury cars.

The rally is tailored to balance driving schedules with equal amounts of recreation and exploration. You’ll spend about four hours each day behind the wheel, cruising along the scenic roads at your own pace. Stop for lunch en route, relishing local delicacies with fellow Ververs. Top-notch hotels and chateaus make for the perfect home away from home. And with no night time driving, you can truly indulge your senses with Europe’s unmatched flavours and experiences.

An exceptional six element theme represents the rally’s unique fête style. Each day is devised on an explicit theme: Air for friendship and good vibes, Fire for the passion of summer, and Earth for fresh produce. There’s also Metal, acknowledging how luxury cars reflect a pursuit for perfection.

Founded by London based serial entrepreneurs Marcus Ubl and Darshana Ubl, Verve truly titillates the senses. Darshana says, “We have carefully chosen the locations based on popularity, research and keeping in mind the overall experience… In some of the rallies we include trucking of cars from the North to the South of France only so that the participants can enjoy additional time indulging and enjoying a champagne tour in Reims.”

Marcus Ubl has chosen some of the most extreme routes across the Swiss  Alps and the Black Forest of Germany. They have ensured that enough time is available for the participants to enjoy the finer things that Europe has to offer, like a private boat cruise on lake Como, champagne tasting and cellar tours, hot air balloon rides and a 3 course dinner followed by an extravagant award ceremony on the final night.

They have tied up with Plant a Tree or PATT Foundation this year, a UK charity that plants trees in Thailand. With climate change becoming a global issue, planting trees is a good way to tackle it’s adverse effects. Elaborating on this association, Darshana said, “Our values at Verve Rally are that we give back what we take from nature. And so we calculate the miles into the engine size to measure the carbon emissions. Based on this we plant trees via PATT, making our rallies carbon neutral.”

There are many rallies that are adrenaline fueled and are in effect a race. But the Verve Rally offers an exhilarating adventure replete with luxurious hotels and indulgent evenings. Verve means spirit or enthusiasm and the rally makes for a great way to invest in memories that last a lifetime!

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