The Bespoke Boom


British bootmaker, John Lobb’s passion for the human touch had won him a cult following world over. We delve into the realm of bespoke and the label’s latest offering of customised services to create exclusive footwear specific to your needs and wishes.   

Bespoke shoemakers across the globe are cashing in on the growing demand for exclusive, high-quality footwear fuelled by celebrity devotees and their love for custom-made luxury. With hand-crafted leather de rigueur on the streets, men are resorting to extreme measures to make their feet stand out from the crowd. We explore the world of one such designing czar, John Lobb, as the label launches it’s much anticipated Levah collection.
As the month-long spectacle of haute couture shows draws to an end, and the world’s boutique buyers close their order books, a silent revolution has been taking place among the style connoisseurs across the globe. Fashion aficionados are adapting a more discerning way of shopping with bespoke apparels and accessories rapidly becoming the most coveted pieces in the industry. These savvy consumers who are acquiring distinctive, made-to-measure pieces are part of what is being coined “the new luxury”. This army of high flyers are being measured up by an exceptional breed of tasteful designer-dressmakers, contemporary tailors and artisanal shoemakers. They are feeding the growing demand for a more anonymous look that seamlessly meets the needs of the customer in terms of fit, lifestyle, and uniqueness.

Although custom footwear is slowly becoming a lost art, a handful of labels are steadfastly keeping the age-old craft alive. One such celebrated bespoke brand is famed footwear label John Lobb. The label’s distinctive shoes present sculptural silhouettes, nuanced colors and subtly concealed details that enhance comfort and exude custom-made finesse.

Once you step out in a pair of bespoke shoes, modified to your foot’s individual characteristics, tailored to suit your taste and requirements, it’s hard to wear anything else. And the John Lobb studio is upholding the bespoke experience since over 150 years. The brand’s traditional savoir-faire remains to this day.

Above all else, the label is known for its incredible vision and inability to recognize the words “it can’t be done” when conceiving a pair of shoes. Such progressive thinking has allowed them to create some of the footwear industry’s most heralded designs

And when a label carrying such deep rooted history ventures into the sneaker world under a new creative director, the fashion world gets excited. Introducing the Levah collection, a clean-cut plimsole sneaker created for those days you need to give the loafers a break. As you would expect and like their meticulously crafted dress shoes, it is an immaculate piece of work. Crafted from your choice of suede or velveteen calf leather, the shoes have a stitched sole and come in three colorways inspired by the landscapes of Cornwall, England where John Lobb was born.

For the bespoke purist, the brand provides premium leather options including the finest calf skin, uniquely textured grain calf and buttery soft suedes. Their artisanal process is carried out in their Paris workshop at 32 rue de Mogador. Each pair requires an average of 50 hours of work done by highly qualified craftsmen.

Levah combines the values of quality and craftsmanship attributed to John Lobb with the versatile characteristics of a sneaker. This also includes adding personal initials through the monogramming service. Through the ‘By Request’ service customers can choose their own materials that meet their needs and desires. Customers can select the color of contrasting binding on the tongue alongside their preference of metal eyelets and waxed laces.

The onset of the bespoke rage has resulted in a newfound interest among men and youths in learning the trade. With the launch of Levah we can envisage that age-old shoemaking traditions will imbue a new generation of loyalists with an appreciation for the human touch.

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