Imperiali Genève unveils the Emperador Cigar Chest

Thousands of hours of work, several international patents and copyrights, 2,675 premium components and the introduction of state-of-the-art machinery make the Emperador the most celebrated cigar chest in the world. Imperiali is a brand that has become synonymous with art, elegance and extravagance, routinely blending cutting-edge technology with high-tech mechanics, luxurious indulgence and Swiss made ingenuity. The Cigar chest – created in limited edition, carries a price tag of over $1 million, but for those in the know, it actually may be a bargain. It comes with 24 Grand Cru cigars, aged for 48 month, enfolded in real gold leaf, replete with a nine-digit code needed to open it.


A cigar is not only a cigar. It represents the finer things in life – success, opulence, perseverance and prosperity. No true aficionado can undermine the brilliance of the magnificent Imperiali Genève Emperador, a cigar chest that combines elaborate flair with superior technology to give each cigar its fitting respect.

Imperiali Genève is a company constantly recreating superlative products by transcending the boundaries of reason. The brand is driven by a love of splendor and an aspiration to innovate by trouncing the cryptic laws of physics. The precise convolution of their creations – which are entirely hand-crafted in Switzerland – is only matched by the measure of attention paid to their every element.


David Pascuito

Born in Geneva in 1979, David Pasciuto, the founder of Imperiali Genève, is earnestly committed to hard work and technological innovation. Graduated from the Haute Ecole de Gestion (HEG) in the district of Geneva, he went on to obtain a degree in Business Economics.  Taking pride in his Italian roots, Pasciuto imbibes traditional values and principles so rarely seen today, along with a strong resolve and an insatiable desire for success.  The enterprising Pasciuto stood out from his colleagues during the two year period he spent at Publigroup as a technical salesman, winning tremendous adulation and the title of the “Best Salesperson” in French-speaking Switzerland. He went on to work as a Corporate Manager in a family owned enterprise. He worked there for six years before committing himself to his own entrepreneurial projects. With an obsession for technology, cinema and culturally immersive travel, David Pasciuto is an adventurer who loves challenging conventional boundaries. Approximately three years ago, friends and partners David Pasciuto and Stephane Nazzal, inspired by a conversation with a fellow cigar lover, conceived the idea of creating the ultimate cigar. Deciding that a regular cigar box would not do justice to their own creation, they set out to make the most prestigious cigar chest in the world.


Emperador — a cigar chest like no other

The exquisite Emperador is the latest product of Pascuito’s brilliant imagination. Produced in Switzerland, using only the finest materials, it measures 70 cm long, 45 cm wide and 30 cm high. Taking expert artisans a record number of 18,000 hours of labor, the Emperador makes for an elaborate humidor for your finest Cuban smokes. Featuring 2,675 components, it includes a complicated mechanism that securely safeguards your prized collection and comes with a power reserve of 80 hours. It is protected with a password and a series of planetary components, which revolve around a tourbillon timepiece that triggers a mechanism that opens up the chest. The centerpiece, featuring 323 components made in the Swiss Jura, is scrupulously adorned with Clous de Paris guilloche.


Opening the crest will expose twelve 24k gold plated cigars arranged in singular glass tubes, a further twelve are placed beneath the top row. The Emperador cigars replicate the sumptuousness, density and equilibrium of the best cigars in the world. Several combinations of tobacco cautiously chosen by the blender were required to achieve the suitable alliance. The Jamastran Valley and the Jalapa Valley are the fertile soils chosen for the Imperiali plantations.

It effectively blends the traditional art of Swiss watch making with the refined skills of experts from 27 different trades. It’s meant to be appreciated by all the five senses and the Emperador doesn’t fall short of this ambitious goal. The box sports three accessories which are significant for yielding the best cigar experience – namely a cigar cutter, a table lighter and an ashtray. Usually, you just have these placed on your table separately seated in a cluttered manner. The engineers worked meticulously to make these accessories fit inside the chest to enable long-lasting fluidity.

The most industrial of the accessories is the cigar cutter which slices either by a guillotine mechanism or by perforation like a cigar punch. The table lighter and its three nozzles offer a perfect flame when the cigar is brought close to it. These complex mechanics require six coordinated movements to function effectively.

The ashtray is another clever device; it only opens when it detects the cigar nearing its mouth.  It is efficiently motorized and lit by LEDs just in case you decide to light up a cigar under dim lights. As expected, its movements are remarkable and exceedingly precise.

Perhaps what makes it even more fascinating for horology fans, is its extraordinary movement which taps the power from all of its moving parts which is further regulated by an electronic arrangement so as ensure that the tourbillion does not catch fire. Its technical computation surpasses modern-day innovations to a remarkable degree – harmonizing each functional movement with the assistance of microchips responsible for automating the cigar chest’s complicated mechanisms.

This cigar box manages itself effectively almost without any human involvement. It features the world’s first self- regulating humidity system. It ensures a consistent humidity level of 70% and a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, regardless of external environmental conditions. Apart from the excellent temperature control mechanism it also processes information about the number of cigars left, after all, this is a cigar chest topped with an implausible timepiece for an unmatched cigar experience. Accessible to a fortunate few, only a limited number of pieces will be created every year.

The Emperador is available in a limited run of 12 numbered units per year for one million Swiss francs (US$1,048,000).

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