The Bespoke Experience



The world of bespoke tailoring revolves around sharp suits, clean cuts and a flawless fit, but it doesn’t have to end there. Luxury couturier Ascots and Chapel’s “Enhanced Shirt Experience” redefines the world of customised tailoring, delivering an experience faultlessly akin to buying a high end luxury car.

With an illustrious history of catering to gentleman’s every sartorial need that dates back to London in 1847, Ascots & Chapels has established an eminent name for itself as a celebrated bespoke tailoring brand. With the skills of master tailors that are famous for their quality proficiency, they offer unmatched service, coupling refined quality with the individuality of their custom made pieces to suit every man’s unique sartorial needs. This season they set a new benchmark in the creation of hand-crafted clothing through the much lauded “Enhanced Shirt Experience”.


We are certainly not alone in our sartorial ambivalence. A sudden surge of interest in bespoke suiting, especially among younger men, has rapidly developed in the recent years. For the first time in generations, many gentlemen have become new traditionalists, obsessing over the minutiae of their wardrobe: structured versus unstructured jackets, the best knot for your tie, and where pants should break over the shoes.

Ascots & Chapels, with a 130-year old heritage in creating high-end bespoke garments, has recently launched one of their most ambitious projects – “The Enhanced Shirt Experience”.

Nothing can truly match the effect and appeal of a well-fitted shirt to make a man stand out, and the Enhanced Shirt Experience ensures just that. The collection consists of three hand-crafted shirts finished with Mother of Pearl buttons, engraved cufflinks, along with three cuffs, three collars, three pocket squares and a pair of metal collar stiffeners. A first-of-its-kind for the region, the collection has been designed with considerable attention to detail to ensure that they deliver a ‘Shirt for Life’.


The luxury couturier’s keen focus on personalisation is also expressed in the use of trims such as inner linings, contrasting handmade button holes and the option to include custom monogramming. They have included a special iron-on name tag for the shirts – to prevent wear-and-tear from laundromats

To ensure that their customers benefit from their rapidly growing international foot-print, they also allow suits to be ordered in Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi and picked up or altered at their boutiques in Mayfair, London as well as New York.

The brand puts a significant emphasis on deft craftsmanship and personalisation- they believe in delivering luxury through exclusiveness. A product is blatantly luxe when it is handmade and tailored as per your requirements, thus we can rightfully call the Enhanced Shirt Experience a status symbol for modern-day couture luxury.


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