MONT BLANC pays an artistic homage to Marco Polo


Emulating the extravagance and artistry of the Mongolian imperial court, Montblanc’s tribute to Marco Polo “Il Milione” Limited Edition 1 is an astounding display of gem-setting brilliance on one of the most fantastic collection every created by the Maison.


The detailed chronicles of Marco Polo introduced Europeans to the civilization and cartography of Central Asia and China and became a testament for many travelers including the great Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. Esteemed artistry brand Montblanc, pays tribute to one of the most significant pioneers of our time with the Marco Polo Limited Editions, commemorating a life of innovations and inventions that continue to encourage generations of adventure-seekers


Marco Polo, the legendary merchant explorer, born in 1254 spent over 24 years away from his native Venice on an ambitious voyage across Asia. Traveling with his father and uncle, the intrepid adventurer went along what is now known as the Silk Road to the isolated Mongol Empire where he served in the court of the daunting Kublai Khan. Not just an adventurer hoping to discover mysterious territories, Marco Polo was a charming and proficient storyteller, recording his epic explorations under the title of Il Milione (or The Travels of Marco Polo). The detailed account introduced Europeans to the culture and cartography of Central Asia and China and became a yardstick for many future travelers including the great Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci.


The years Marco Polo spent trading precious stones while serving the great King Khan, the most powerful and feared king of that time, plays muse to the Homage to Marco Polo “Il Milione” Limited Edition 1. The vibrant hues and the silhouette of the extended cap, draw inspiration from the distinctive Coromandel lacquer folding screens made by the best craftspersons in the Orient. When detached, the cap set with a full pavée of rich red rubies designed with cognac tone diamonds displays a barrel that features a diamond-set world map inspired by Marco Polo’s voyages. The instrument’s clip is sculpted like the golden pass given to him by Kublai Khan that promised he would get safe passage throughout the Khan’s extensive empire. The cap ring showcases various creatures from the fierce and fantastic world he experienced as told in Il Milione. An homage to one of his most significant navigation tools, a compass rose, is designed into the cap top under the famous Montblanc emblem, displaying itself due to a unique mechanism. On the other side of the pen, the skeletonized gold cone is designed with an exquisite  6,12ct diamond. The Au750 solid champagne gold nib shape is an illustration of Marco Polo’s passage of the vast desert, taken from the most integral map of the medieval period: the Catalan Atlas.


He crossed Bactria in Afghanistan, home to the world’s first known lapis lazuli mine. One of the first references of the lapis lazuli in modern literature, the fine stones found there made a deep impression on the Explorer and its incomparable beauty is the stimulus behind the tribute to Marco Polo “L’azzuro” Limited Edition 3.  With analogous design elements as the first edition, the cap is crafted from blue sapphire displaying a delicate barrel underneath with the world map created from a sheet of diamonds, blue sapphires, and exquisite rubies. The ocean blue theme extends to the cone of the writing instrument with its patent blue sapphire. In a third distinction on the collection with its Coromandel extended cap and valuable gems, the limitation number of the tribute to Marco Polo “Great Khan” Limited Edition 9 pays homage to the nine gates of Dadu, today’s Beijing. This was where Marco Polo first encountered the great Khan when he initially arrived in China in 1266. At that time, Dadu was the dogmatic and economic center of the illustrious Mongol Empire, and the gates of Dadu represented the social and economic trade between the West and the East. For this version of the limited edition, an atlas of the world on the barrel syndicates intricate “Tremblage” hand engraving with gem-setting, with the Au750 solid gold delicately set with rubies. The prized ruby ball inside the skeletonized champagne gold cone embodies the globe. Crowning the cap of the collection, the Montblanc emblem is crafted with a pave of diamonds.

Driven by an unmatched revolutionary spirit since 1906, Montblanc transformed the culture of writing with several invention innovations. Today, the Maison persists in pushing boundaries and recreate the expression of fine craftsmanship across each of its product categories: the zenith of extravagant writing instruments, eyewear, accessories, timepieces, leather goods and fragrances.  With every product launch, Montblanc offers exciting features and radical designs imbued with the Maison’s legacy of superiority and crafted to the highest standards.  This is done through the superior skills of its artisans in each of its manufacturing units whether Hamburg, Germany for its writing instruments or Italy for its leather goods.  Exhibiting its enduring mission to create excellent lifetime companions born from the most imaginative ideas, the iconic Montblanc Emblem has become the decisive seal of performance, revolution, value and expression of elegance. With its heritage deeply ingrained in the philosophy of handwriting, Montblanc continues to champion its cultural commitment around the world with the development of wide-ranging enterprises to promote fine art and culture in many forms, while celebrating patrons who support the progression of the arts.


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