L`Envol de Cartier



Few haute parfumiers offer the eminent luxury of a rare niche fragrance. We explore the allure of Cartier’s latest launch, The L’envol.



L’ENVOL DE CARTIER is the new captivating cologne for men. It’s a rustic and juxtaposed eau de parfum, an exceptional oriental-transparent scent. An amalgamation of both robust and mellow, it pulses with freshness before becoming more stable, stimulating and elevating to all who experience it.

Over the past eras, perfumes have been produced in nearly every scent, shape, and form, from engraved pots in ancient Egypt to delicate Lalique illusions, to transient sculptural flavors from the 1990’s. But a launch that stands out from the Haute periphery is the L’envol De Cartier.

Inspired by ambrosia, the honeyed wine recognized as the sweet nectar of the deities as they strolled above the clouds on Mount Olympus. Illustrious perfumer Mathilde Laurent has concocted a revolutionary composition labeled as oriental-transparent. An eau de parfum of dichotomies, L’Envol is both firm and soft with sweet resins set against a blithe musk. The scent is Cartier’s sixth major launch for men, the first release since 2008. The cologne highlights accents of honey, wood, patchouli, and a whiff of aromatic musk.

The exceptional and striking bottle is a capsule enclosed within a detachable glass cupola. The capsule is attached to an elegant container filled with exquisite honey colored nectar with golden phosphorous yellow passion, which can be carried independently. The bottle reaffirms with the ultimate sophisticated Cartier legacy with its celebrated guilloché motif on the bottle stopper while the dome exhibits Cartier’s unique glasswork expertise.

A timeless yet modern object with dual functionality, thus assimilating the expertise required for the virile, mechanical movement for both intertwining and detaching the capsule. Its trail is unadulterated, lustrous and airy.

The perfume pays tribute to the longstanding friendship and relationship between  Louis Cartier and Alberto Santos-Dumont. Santos-Dumont, was one of the most celebrated aviators of his time, one of the first men to take flight and a vital figure in the illustrious history of Cartier.  He was known for navigating one of the first motorised flights in history. In 1906, Santos-Dumont’s aircraft flew five meters above the ground for a record distance of 60 meters in Paris. He later set the world record by The World Air Sports Federation on 12 November 1906, for flying a distance of 220 meters for 22.5 seconds.

Santos-Durmont became a reference point for the new fragrance. In 1904, he had complained to Louis Cartier about the struggle of checking his pocket watch mid-flight and requested his friend to create a timepiece that would allow him to keep both hands on the controls while flying. The outcome was the launch of the world’s pioneering wristwatch, Cartier’s Santos-Dumont.

Contemporary, both in terms of the way it is used and the way it was formulated, the L’Envol de Cartier is something of an enchanting exposé, a scent that is novel and unexpected, but still alluring and accessible. Its enchantment lies in its rounded, mellow, timbered overtones, its characteristic warmth, and its captivating glamor.


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